Things I Have Learnt About ‘Media Management & Agenda’

The readings have changed my understanding towards the roles of Public Relations and just how much steps needs to be taken in order to be a successful in the field of Public Relation. The survey done by Michael Kaminer gave me quite a shock on the relationship between Public Relations and Journalists. I have always thought that Public Relations only revolves around the news and entertainment media. Never have I thought there are negative vibes going on between Public Relations and Journalists.

Link to the ‘What Journalists Really Think of PR People’ survey:


The readings gave be a better understanding towards the roles of Public Relations and how important it is for the key tools of media releases and kits to be made available in a diversity of formats and stored clearly on the organisation’s website. Moreover, little did I know that citizen journalists and bloggers can provide an different form of journalism and can provide an army of reporters, increasing the role of the paid journalist.

I have also come to realise the importance of the 5W’s and 1H concept in writing press releases.

‘What, Who, When Where, Why & How’

Initially, I was always unsure as to what a media kit is and the purpose of it but I after reading the readings and ‘google’ more about media kit, I now fully understand what it is.

Few links on the things I have learnt about Media Kit:



Furthermore, I have come to a better understanding with the the variety of media tools made available to be utilised when working with media. A few media tools I have learnt about are media campaigns, press conferences, press releases and media kits.

Media campaigns aims at a sequence of goals and intentions, using a strategic approach with suitable tactics. Example of media campaigns are celebrity endorsement, meetings, sponsorships and so on.


Jonston J & Sheehan M 2014, Theory and Practice Public Relations, 4th edn, Allen &Unwin, NSW.


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