Content Management: News and Social Media

The things discussed for the topic “Content Management: News and Social Media” had given me a clearer understanding on the tremendous effort made by the Public Relations and Marketing team in trying to make an impact on their targeted audiences about their specific companies and how the publics can be greatly and easily influenced by their effort made. I believe the key messages in week 6’s readings regarding social media and media releases are that it is important for an organisation to form strategic relationships with their audiences. For example, organisations can create a Facebook page to which users can subscribe, or Like; news content then appears in subscriber’s newsfeed (Johnston & Sheehan, 2014, pp.173). Moreover, visual elements are also vital when sharing content on social media as it can provide clearer message to targeted audiences and at the same time provide them with a resource comprised of tailored information (Sabourin 2014).

In today’s era, social media plays a vital role in the Public Relations and marketing industry. Social media can be used to reach key target publics and stakeholders. The unique and engaging qualities of social media make its platforms ideal for public relation. However, little did I know that because of its qualities, social media public relations must always be planned for and considered in the context of a specific organisation’s overall public relations strategy to ensure coherence. As technology has become so advanced over the past decade it has played a massive part towards the adoption of social media (Johnston & Sheehan, 2014, pp.164). I have come to realise the reason why some organisations try really hard to relate their products or organisations with their audiences is because of the informality social media gives in the form of dialogues and transactions between individuals and groups such as organisations (Johnston & Sheehan, 2014, pp.163).

Moreover, it was interesting for me to learn the great amount of effort put into planning solely for a social media account. A content calendar is a document that includes what content is going to posted on different social media websites each day (Sorokina 2014). I personally like the idea of how a content calendar works because it helps effectively in time management and it also prevent the company from going off topic with whatever it is they are trying to promote to their targeted audiences. However, it is important to be able to create an effective content calendar in order to ensure your content marketing strategy is helpful, straight to the point, high quality and well written. Tips on creating a good Content and social media calendar  should definitely be understood well first as it will be enormously beneficial in meeting varied client needs. 

Here’s an example of a content calendar.


Jonston J & Sheehan M 2014, Theory and Practice Public Relations, 4th edn, Allen &Unwin, NSW.


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